Seekers’ Haven

When our paths unfold we often find ourselves seeking to balance our lives. The old wisdoms come forward, reminding us that we can awaken, nourish, heal and transform ourselves with all that nature offers. When we feed the mind, we also feed the body and the spirit.

This began as a vision that is now coming to life of a place where nature surrounds us and gives us the opportunity to walk gently on this Earth by focusing on sustainability as individuals and a community. A place where we can be both teacher and student, worker and seeker of knowledge. 

Seekers’ Haven as the name implies, is a place for those who wish to focus on growth and learning, where one can go to share thoughts, beliefs, and ideas with others who are also seeking.  It is a place of non-judgment, where we all gather as we are… imperfect, yet eager. Where each person can find a feeling of home, of community. In the future, we will be including a barter store, community garden,  all sorts of classes, and more.

“So….come sit by my fire and share of yourself what you will..”

Seekers’ Haven is located in East Madison, Maine