Getting back to Center

For some time now I have let events that happened in my life affect me in ways that seemed to throw me totally of my Path. Ok, to be honest, I wasn’t TOTALLY off course, just I was sent reeling and fell on my face before realizing that in the dirt beneath me, was the answers I needed. As usual, what was called for was for me to stop looking so closely at the ‘chaos’ around my life and instead see and acknowledge the amazing gifts that still existed around and within my life Path. I had focused for too long on what I perceived as happening “to” me instead of seeing what these events had to teach me.

Now what? As with any time of falling on our face and then picking ourselves back up, it left me with more questions than answers. After all, like Tamarack said to me “When you speak, you repeat what you already know. When you listen, you learn.” If I went forth feeling that I had all the answers, I would not be in a place of openness to learn. By realizing that each time I hit the dirt, it leaves me open and cleansed of all the weight (useless weight often) I can move forward with an empty cup ready to receive that which Spirit has in store for me.


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