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Here is an update to our Survival Class!!

Seekers’ Haven would like to express our heartfelt thank you to Barry and Lori Dana for making the trip and the time in teaching us survival skills and fire making. Being prepared for any situation is always best. Thank you.

Below are some pictures of that day and the comments we received.



Lori and I spent the morning teaching at Jamie Hyde’s place in East Madison.
A group of the nicest people, mostly adults really took this class to heart. We did survival shelter and fire making. This class was inspired by the unfortunate loss of a wonderful lady 2 years ago on the AT here in western Maine. If you have never made a shelter and fire I strongly suggest you learn and make one…practice now when your life is not on the line…besides…its wicked fun
thanks Jamie for making this happen…..Barry Dana

Thanks a bunch Jamie, Barry, Lori and whole crew for a most pleasant, informative morning skills class together……Nancy Blaisdell Baxter

Had a great time today! It was so great to spend the morning with all you great folks. Barry and Lori said they had a great time. We’ve already started talking about topics for his next class! ….Jamie Hyde

I am sorry that I could not attend, yet as an avid hiker we are taught to have the 10 essentials in our packs just in case we find ourselves in a situation or if the need arises to use them. Even though I know how to make a shelter and a fire, I for one will be practicing these skills…. Donna Knowles

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