What is Reiki

“I am the ME that spirit made me to be…….nothing less….nothing more.”  –  Jamie Hyde

 We all are spiritual beings with a life force energy that surrounds us. Sometimes we get out of balance, and that is where a Reiki treatment can help. Reiki is energy healing. It rebalances the energy that is inside our bodies, and helps to heal one from within. It is a non-invasive hands on healing. Reiki can also help a person to learn how to create good health, joy and harmony within. It’s a way to heal the spirit, mind and body in a holistic way.

 So why should you have a Reiki treatment?

 During a Reiki session the energy is channeled through the Reiki practitioner, where it works on all aspects of the client.  On a physical level Reiki helps decrease pain, it supports the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects. Mental and emotional levels of anxiety is reduced, a sense of well-being increased. Hands on healing has been scientifically proven to be effective in the healing time of bones and wounds, and Reiki relaxes muscles and allows another level of relaxation to be felt.

Prices are as follow for Reiki sessions:

Half hour session – 35.00

Hour session – 50.00

Hour & a half session – 75.00

Two hour session – 100.00

 To schedule a session  call us at 207 399 – 0748 or 207 474 – 1234. You can also use the contact us page. 

Jamie is a licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Teacher, Practitioner and Doula

When you sign up for a reiki class, there is a 50.00 non refundable down payment for these classes, which can be paid by using the paypal button located below. All classes are a one day session, Please check back for dates on when classes are being offered!